/‘The Voice’ Tour Axed

‘The Voice’ Tour Axed

When the television show The Voice was released on to the BBC it was expected that it would create a direct for the hit ITV show the X Factor. We currently live in an era where manufactured pop stars are very much an ‘in’ thing. This was to be a bold move for the BBC where large amounts of money would be invested.

Ratings for the show were very positive and on numerous occasions a higher audience was obtained than on ITV who were showing Britain’s Got Talent. The Voice managed to pull in high ratings by signing up well known judges including Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J, Wil.I.Am and Danny O’Donoghue.

Whilst the show did seem to be a success many music experts questioned whether the winning act would actually be able to perform well within the UK music charts. Sadly the critics were right and the winning song did not even enter the Top 40. Many fans of the show have suggested that this can only be viewed as a dramatic failure for the BBC. Simon Cowell who is the owner and producer of the X Factor will be extremely happy to see the results.

Although the bad news does not stop there for the new talent show. The organisers of the UK tour for The Voice have now announced that the tour has been scrapped. The reason being provided for this is due to poor ticket sales.

This is yet another highly embarrassing moment for the BBC and their attempt to break into the music television market; especially as the show cost more than £20 million to produce.

The eleven date tour that would have toured the UK has now been axed and those who have already purchased their tickets should contact their ticket outlet for a refund.