/No Talking! Pop Star Silenced

No Talking! Pop Star Silenced

The pop sensation Adele has had a ban placed on her by her management in order to protect her voice. The singer has been ordered by management not to sing and to keep talking to a bare minimum. Whilst such orders may be understandable as a short term measure, it is believed that Adele must stick by these orders for at least a month.

These measures have been enforced by her management due to her suffering from acute laryngitis. This is an illness that is common amongst musicians and it majorly affects the vocal chords. Failure to rest the voice when laryngitis is present can result in the chords being damaged and therefore the singing voice that an artist once enjoyed may majorly change. Adele’s management team stated they had gained medical advice and that they had been warned that failure to rest one hundred percent would result in nodules developing on the vocal chords.

Adele, aged 23, has stated that she is quite obviously very frustrated with the situation but that she has little choice but to take the medical advice that she has been provided with. The artist has already taken one week off in order to rest her voice.

This news comes at a difficult time for the artist after she had to cancel part of her US concert due to a similar illness. The development of this illness further now suggests that further tour dates will have to be cancelled.

Doctors have warned the singer that the cigarette habit that she has makes the situation worse and therefore she must consider this. Although Adele revealed that she recently gave up smoking for two months but could not handle it and therefore started again.

A music industry expert has warned that it is crucial that Adele rests her voice or she may face losing the fantastic singing voice she has. When Adele returns home she feels the need to catch up with her friends, although resting her voice would be much more suitable.