/Seven Summers: Young Blood (Single/Video)

Seven Summers: Young Blood (Single/Video)

Although Facebook can be very distracting sometimes, it’s also the source of a veritable feast of information on new music! And so it came to be, that I discovered new band Seven Summers had released a video for their song ‘Young Blood’. Naturally a youtube session was in order, which it turned out, I very much enjoyed.

Seven Summers hail from Chelmsford in Essex (yep another local band, we are lucky here!), and although they’ve only been together a very short time, you wouldn’t think it to watch them live, or indeed if you view the video.

When it comes to the music Seven Summers produce, there is the one word description of Rock, or if you want the longer version…’Pop, Rock, Dance, Retro, Reggae, Folk, and Funk’. Competing influences some might say, but on the basis of this song alone, you’d have to say their musical style works!!

‘Young Blood’ has a very strong intro, and continues in a rhythmic/toe tapping acoustic rock vein. The acoustic guitar works well with the bass and drum arrangements to create something fresh and interesting. It’s a sound that crosses between the alternative/rock/and commercial arenas with credible ease, and has some pretty good lyrics too. For me,  the vocal style is probably what would attract the most comparisons, with current indie singers like The Script, Coldplay etc springing to mind, but I don’t think I would go so far as to pigeon-hole this band. Very enjoyable song, and although I was expecting a bit more definition between the verses and the chorus, the instrumentals that kick in towards the end more than made up for this.

As you can see, the video for this is a simple performance piece, which seems exactly right for a band that’s all about writing songs that can cut it live, as well as on record.

I think they’ve got something, and look forward to finding out exactly what that is when their album arrives in 2010.

For more information visit www.myspace.com/sevensummersband