/Sugababes: No Can Do (Song Review)

Sugababes: No Can Do (Song Review)

If the cold weather is getting you down, why not perk yourself up with the Sugababes latest, and possibly greatest, single ‘No Can Do’. Some music fans can be fickle beings, and they failed to send this track into a top ten chart position, which it deserved, but if they are looking for me to follow their footsteps, sorry ‘No Can Do’, because this is one great song, that deserves a great review!

With ‘Girls’ being played to excess every time a ‘Boots’ ad came on the T.V, I was looking for something new and refreshing from one of the U.K’s biggest girl bands, and they delivered. The second single from their album ‘Catfights and Spotlights’, is a veritable feast of soul and motown sounds that will liven up any club night or party.

The track kicks off with a classy and infectious motown style intro and continues this style in the choruses, whilst the verses are more soulful and funky in origin. All three Sugababes take a turn on lead vocal, and harmonise superbly in the choruses, illustrating a new and mellower maturity in their voices.

I would suggest that all boys look away whenever the video for this song comes on television or You Tube, it’s evidently something for the ladies; ladies who are sure to enjoy watching Keisha, Heidi and Amelle, in their ball gowns and heels, walking over a bridge made up of flexible, topless men, and strutting around some human statues with lampshades on their heads! It’s certainly created some unique visual art.

What more can I say about this single, other than I hope more people will buy and download the track, turn up the volume, and party like its 2009!