/Sub:City Interview

Sub:City Interview


Interview by Janie Burden

Monday night saw Popshow Gold taking place at Madame JoJo’s in London – a long running showcase for music artistes of every genre, to get what could be classed as their first 10 minutes of fame!
The event was hosted by X-Factor finalists Same Difference, who took to the stage during the night as performers to showcase a new track from their upcoming album.  Amongst the other acts were a new girl/boy electro-pop group Sub:City,  who we managed to catch after their performance for a quick chat:

1)  Hello to you all, Chris, Rob and Jess!  Well done on your performance tonight, we thought it was a fantastic, how do you feel it went?
It went fantastic, review sites such as EQ live said we were the best act by far, and gave us an amazing review, so it really was a great place to start.

2)  Sub:City is quite an interesting and very different name… How did you come up with it and is there a good story behind  it?
Can we be completely honest and a bit boring?  It doesn’t really have much of a meaning.  We wanted to think of a name that reflected our love for music, so we were going to call it SUBBASE, but then as we had all moved to London the CITY, we just changed the base to city…… See I told you it was boring!!

3)  To people reading this that are just hearing about you, and haven’t heard any of your music yet – how would you describe your style?
Electro pop, dance floor fillers – hopefully not killers!! – and FUN FUN FUN!

4)  Who has influenced you with your music the most?
We have been influenced by LOTS of different artists in the past and present.  At the moment people like Lady GaGa and La Roux – the electro artists are the ones that are making us sit up and say… ‘Wow lets write music like this!’, but it comes from the whole of the 80’s vibe as well, loving bands like Yazoo, Pet Shop Boys and the Eurythmics.  People who at the time were different and daring, and if you hear some of their songs, even today, they still seem fresh and new. Now that’s what we call music!!

5)  Chris, you’ve co-written on the two tracks – “Losing Control” and “Down and Dirty” – which you performed tonight, who or what inspired you to write them?
Well I can actually say I was and am inspired by what’s happening at the moment in the charts etc, so again the likes of Lady GaGa and others really make me go ‘Wow let me get something like that written’.

6)  Ok, Jess being the only girl in the band, do the guys look out for you, and do you all get on as well as you come across on stage?
Aww… Of course!  They are like my big brothers, but sometimes it’s me that needs to look out for them!!  It’s really good to be honest, we all get on so well, and I know all bands say that, but, we were honestly friends first so it’s natural to get along with them … and vice versa.

7)  Right, time for the classic X-Factor/Simon Cowell question – Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?
Well, hopefully not on the X-Factor, as I wouldn’t know what to say on the spur of the moment!!  … Erm let me think … Well the obvious would be to say, mega successful, internationally known and still making great music!!

8)  With X-Factor happening at the moment, would you ever think of auditioning for it?
Never say never. The only thing that puts me off is the creative input you get into it.  At the moment we write, co-produce, and choreograph our material, so we do this for the love of it not just the fame…. But it’s a great stepping stone, so who knows?

9) Who would be your ideal person to support on tour?
Lady GaGa – Enough said!!

10)  We noticed that you’ve built up quite a following on places like Facebook and MySpace already; do you have a message for all your fans?
Yeah, we just want to say wow! Thanks so much for your support and it’s because of all you guys that we aspire to make an amazing album, that one day will be available to buy in the shops! Watch this space!!!

11)  Thank you so much for taking time out to talk to us, we really enjoyed your performance and wish you all luck for the future.  Now, introduce yourselves to the world in less than five words:

For more information on Sub:City, visit their official website – www.officialsubcity.com