/Best Streaming Music Services Announced

Best Streaming Music Services Announced

Digital music downloads are on the up and so is the use of online music streaming. As sales of CDs continue to fall companies are looking for ways to attract customers and to get them listening to more music. New revenue streams have been created relating to the music industry and this often includes new innovative ideas on how to listen to your music. Just last week it was announced that several new music streaming services would be coming to market in the UK in the next few weeks. Online music streaming presents a great way to listen to music for a reasonable price and sometimes for free!

The top five ways to listen to your music have been announced after thousands of music listeners were asked how they prefer to listen to their songs.

At number one the service that has been regarded as the best music service is Last.fm. Launched in 2002 the company states that it has helped to make sense of music chaos. Over four million people have an account in the UK and there are thirty six million users worldwide. The service can be accessed by users through a PC, iTunes, an Xbox, Facebook, Tweety.fm and Vevo. This is a general music service that has added benefits such as being linked to Facebook accounts.

Not surprisingly Spotify playlists have been regarded as one of the best ways to accessed music. Similar to the previous service Spotify pays rights holders to allow them to stream the music. This ensures that listeners are ethical listeners and not breaking any laws.

Youtube has become increasingly popular of later with music fans as it has started to offer official music videos to be broadcast. Numerous artists now have Youtube channels where fans can enjoy listening to their music for free.

Orange and Deezer have recently teamed up to offer a music service and this will rival Spotify in the UK. Full details have yet to be launched but it is expected that the service will be offered free or discounted to Orange customers.

The last option that was voted by music fans was Shufflr.fm, this is a service that collates different music that people are talking about on blogs. Genres of music on this service include chillwave, dream pop and doom pop.