/Stone Roses Vs Steps

Stone Roses Vs Steps

Two major bands from the UK have recently announced that they will reform and carry out tours. Both acts have achieved massive popularity and many of their fans have snapped up tour tickets. Although what is now being questioned is which of the groups is more important to the UK music industry. Both the Stone Roses and Steps have massive fan bases but it has yet to be seen which band will have the biggest impact upon their comeback. The importance of a band reforming can be major, the recent relaunch of the Take That career can be used as a clear example about how important it can be for a band.

Steps are a band that is made up of five individuals that can be described as cheesy and cheerful. They produced pop music that was popular at the time but today it would probably be regarded as being highly cheesy and potentially a guilty pleasure.

The Stone Roses comprises of four individuals from Manchester and they are a band that produced music that appealed to indie lovers and ravers. At their peak the band was one of the most popular in the country.

Steps were influenced by acts such as Abba, The Spice Girls and Jive Bunny. Whereas the Stone Roses were influenced by Love, The Byrds and The Smiths.

Unlike Stone Roses, Steps were a manufactured band that formed after an advertisement in a paper. The Stone Roses were friends at school and built up a major following by carrying out performances in warehouses.

Both bands have had major hits and many of them have become very popular today. Steps had singles including Tragedy, Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart and Stomp. The Stone Roses had singles including I Am The Resurrection, Fools Gold and One Love.

Both bands split up on bad terms and there was tension within both bands at the time. It remains to be seen what will happen next for these bands, although their fans eagerly await their reformation. At their peak these two bands were major bands within the UK music industry and it is now hoped that they will rekindle this.