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Steps Reform

Major UK band Steps recently announced that they would be reforming and carrying out a tour. The news of this has spread majorly and it has see the tickets sales reach major heights. Due to the major demand for tickets there have now been new shows added to the gig list. The band will now also carry out performances at popular venues including London, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Manchester. The dates released for these will go on top of the announcements already made, the tour will be carried out in April 2012.

Despite ticket sales being excellent and the reformation of the band being perceived very well news reports are suggesting that not all is rosy within the band camp. It has been reported that the band are struggling to get used to being a band again.

It is believed that band members Claire Richards and Lisa Scott-Lee are clashing over the alpha female position and band member H is not happy with having a quiet position in the band.

Apparently Lisa is desperate to be in the public eye and she apparently does not enjoy the fact that Claire is seen as the best female singer. An insider has suggested that Lisa can be an ambitious diva at times.

The break up of the band was announced in a very bizarre way with H from Steps telling fans they would break up just moments before the final show. This was not perceived well within the band and it caused a major rift within the camp. H has now apologised to the band and it has been admitted that the band did not speak for two years.

Insiders are also suggesting that H is not to happy to be back in the group but he has he had very little reason but to join.

Since the break up of the band the members have taken on different roles and all of them have hinted at the band reforming at some point. It remains to be seen whether any new material will be produced by the band but it is apparently not expected.

The tour will be carried out by the band and they will also release a greatest hits album just in time for the Christmas rush.