/How To: Start Your Own Radio Show

How To: Start Your Own Radio Show

 In any country, at any time, you can flick on a radio and sample the culture of the local music. Sometimes it’s amazing, and draws you into the moment – and sometimes it’s so terrible you can’t shut it off quickly enough. There is naturally, all the Top 40 radio stations, most of which sound the same – and then you get the rare gems. The independently run shows and stations, that strive to give the world a diverse taste of its music and what if has to offer.

So, think you’ve got what it takes to make your own radio show? Think you’ve got enough knowledge, or that your music taste is pretty spiffy?

Naturally, pirate radio shows are dead illegal. Air space for radio costs several thousands of dollars for certified stations each year – most of which they make back through government funding, royalties from their airplay, and competitions. It’s also terribly hard to get a job working in radio. Most radiohosts will have some degree of celebrity around them to begin with, or they’ve made their way into the industry in the honest way – A degree in Journalism, and some sort of diploma in radio production, or music production.

A great opinion, with a fantastic knowledge of music can’t go astray – but let’s face it, none of us are that perfect.

You still think you’ve got great taste in music? Well, there are more legal ways of getting your music tastes out there and sharing it with friends and family each week, without going to extreme lengths to get there. Music social networking site www.last.fm brings together all the best social aspects about music. You’ve got your communities to gossip about your latest bands, as well as sampling new tracks from other bands – new suggestions each week about stuff to listen to, as well as a social outlet to discuss other gig venues with members.

However, they and several other social music websites across the net, have produced a program which allows you to choose a radio type selection of your previously played tracks, for friends to listen to.

Most of the music tracks have been given short clips of music to listen to, as well as full tracks that are available for free streaming. With this, last.fm compiles a list of your favourite songs, as well as most listened songs, and set up a small radio show for your music to be listened to by others.

With this, you can also edit, add, and delete any songs you don’t want people to hear; because everyone has that one embarassing song you hate to admit that you like.

This isn’t the only way of going about this, have a look around on the internet, where you’re able to join forums and make up your own playlists of songs. Depending on whether or not the program you use has rights to stream the music live or not, will depend on how well your show goes.

You can also create your own podcasts to put on Youtube, or for download through iTunes, where you can discuss music til your heart’s content. Unfortunately for this reason, you may not be able to play music on your own little talk show, simply for the reason of playing royalties to the owner of the music.

So with these small things, you can start your creative juices flowing, and make playlists as well as musical discussion points that allow you to be your own radiohost.

The winning point to this is – you’re never going to have to flick stations, to avoid hearing the crappy songs. They’re all yours! No ads! No dodgy competitions! A winning criteria in any book, i’m sure.