Stars and Sons: If It’s Good For Me

starsandsons1Another day, another new band to introduce to, and I have to say you’re in for a treat with this one! Brighton based ‘Stars and Sons’ have just released their single ‘If It’s Good For Me’, which comes complete with a radio edit, and 3 remixes.

The radio edit is catchy and infectious right from the start, and although a slightly odd sound effect/instrumental break comes in at one point, the overall song is very strong. The vocalist(s) have a high range, the melody is strong, and the piano/pop base of their song is as ‘chaotic’ as their press material describes, but in a good way!

The CD continues with the remixes, the first of which was a very different electro/synth version of the song. This heavy club mix was followed by a more percussive mix from Twin Kings, and a mix from Blueskies which reminded me a bit of the attitude and vibe of Blur’s Brit Pop explosion. In the main the remixes didn’t really excite me, although I did enjoy the latter part of the Twin Kings version, thanks to the strong, and easy to listen to melody.

I think this four piece deserve to do well with their single though, and having read that their influences include (in the A’s) Abba, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Animal Collective, I think it’ll be interesting to hear the album when that’s released in the summer.

‘If It’s Good For Me’ is available now. For more information on the band visit and watch the video for the single here:

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