/Stacey Jackson: I Hear A Symphony!

Stacey Jackson: I Hear A Symphony!

Stacey Jackson probably isn’t a name familiar to many, but the 41 year old from North America, has been in a few bands in her time. Her life experiences have also brought her to the UK where she is now based, and where she came across the charity ‘Music For Youth’. Music For Youth is described on Stacey’s CD as ‘The World’s Largest Youth Music Festival’, and its aim is to provide free educational and performance opportunities for young people. The charity does some great work, and I can see why Stacey would want to associate herself with the organisation, and raise awareness/funds. We here at music.co.uk are not just here to credit Stacey’s charity work though, we’re here to review her music as well, which didn’t really live up to expectations!

The ‘I Hear A Symphony’ CD comes with 2 radio edits, one rock version, and four club orientated remixes. Research is suggesting it’s the club arena which is showing the most interest in this track, but none of these versions struck a strong enough chord with me. There are some moments of interest in the track, the second verse in particular is quite strong, and the combination of strings/vocal at the end works well. Apart from that, I think more could have been done with the backing vocals, and the chorus gets a bit repetitive after the first listen. I was expecting more from someone whose been singing for years, and this punk/pop style reminds me too much of Avril Lavigne, and her contemporaries. You’re never too old to rock, but this is ‘too young’ a track, and just doesn’t work for me.

‘I Hear A Symphony’ and other tracks from the album ‘Upside Down’ are available via I-Tunes. For more information on Stacey visit www.staceyjackson.com. Details on the work Music For Youth undertake are available at http://www.mfy.org.uk/