/Splendid! Splendour in the Grass Lineup Announced

Splendid! Splendour in the Grass Lineup Announced

¬†How splendid! Australia’s premier Winter music festival Splendour in the Grass has just announced its 2009 lineup, to a sea of happy faces.

This two day festival has gained a great amount of attention as one of the most exciting, and yet relaxed camping festivals around. While naturally, it is of no scale compared to that of T in the Park or Roskilde, but it certainly holds its own when it comes to atmosphere and a fun time all round.

The festival, situated at Belongil Fields in Byron Bay (Northern NSW) has been a two day camping festival for those of the alternative persuasion. Boasting great lineups year after year, the festival has created an atmosphere and a reputation of one of the most intriguing festivals around. Taking place in July for its ninth year, the festival will also adapt a green approach allowing each punter to purchase a carbon offset ticket, as well as striving to make each of the shows as green friendly as possible.

Each year the festival brings out amazing artists, but also includes several art installations, lightshows, chillout spots and even markets to indulge your senses in over the camping trip. The art is supplied by local Australian artists, and always makes you ponder and think. The lightshows are to be marvelled at with the level of ingenuity, as well as the chillout spots. On the one year I was lucky enough to visit this festival, the chillout spots included an array of teepee type tents with fires brewing away inside, as well as lots of cushions and shades in which to sit under to get out of the elements and to relax.

The lineup this year brings an interesting taste to the festival. It’s as follows:

Bloc Party, Flaming Lips, Janes Addiction, MGMT, The Specials, The Gutter Twins, Manchester Orchestra, and Leader Cheetah. Thrown into the mix are a bunch of well known Australian bands including Little Birdy, Grinspoon, and Birds of Tokyo, who definitely make an appearance on almost every Australian tour each year.

Flaming Lips return to Australia for the first time since their Big Day Out appearance in 2004, which brought the smiles to millions of faces. Crowds are certainly looking forward to the enigmatic performances, the celebrities in animal costumes, as well as the confetti, the love and most of all the music.

MGMT are making another quick return to Australia after only having played our shores a few months previous, although unfortunately not to great reviews. One can only hope they can redeem themselves as their hype may exceed their talent.

Jane’s Addiction are perhaps the most exciting act announced on the bill. While I can only assume that they’re playing their full original lineup, unfortunately it may not be the case. Recently in the music news it was stated that they were dealing with bad dynamics within the original lineup and not even Trent Reznor could help them solve their problems.

Regardless, the band haven’t been to Australia in quite some years, which is definitely going to excite all the fans out there.

Another great year for Splendour in the Grass, producing a diverse and certainly interesting lineup.

Tickets on sale May 14th, 9am sharp. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!