/Spice Girls Will Not Reunite

Spice Girls Will Not Reunite

It may have been regarded by many as the best performance at the London 2012 closing ceremony but it has been revealed that the Spice Girls will not be reuniting on a full time basis. Reports are currently suggesting that the band may never play together again.

The performance that was watched by millions across the world included all of the old classics from the band.

Speculation is currently suggesting that Victoria Beckham only agreed to take part on the Olympics closing ceremony is there was an agreement that it would be the last every performance from the band.

Mel B, another of the band members, is also believed to have agreed with the performance on the basis that it would be the last time they every performed together.

An insider of the band is suggesting that it is certainly game over for Victoria Beckham in terms of the Spice Girls but the remaining of the group could possibly be encouraged to reunite.

Emma Bunton who is also within the band is believed to want to reunite on a fulltime basis n order to carry out a world tour. Unfortunately for her and the millions of Spice Girls fans, at the moment it appears this will not be happening.

Some of the key band members have now forged new careers within different industries and have distanced themselves from the music world. Most notable is Victoria Beckham who is now very well respected within the fashion industry.