/Spice Girls Launch Viva Forever!

Spice Girls Launch Viva Forever!

The Spice Girls have announced that they will be reuniting in order to produce a West End tour. The band that are regarded as one of the most successful of the modern era have not performed together or been seen together since they split up.

The band formed in 1996 and became one of the biggest girl bands of all times; they became popular through their well known catchphrase Girl Power.

The band have announced that will hold a tour named Viva Forever that will feature songs from the creator of Mamma Mia. The Spice Girls have not been seen together for four years but all were present at the St Pancras Hotel when they announced the tour.

Victoria Beckham spoke out at the tour launch stating that the band hoped to introduce a whole new generation to girl power. Beckham also stated “what we do individually is really empower women”.

Mel C also revealed that the band had been waiting a long time for the opportunity to see the full show on stage. Mel B also of the band revealed that the performers almost managed to sing the songs better than the band.

The Viva Forever musical will launch in December and it will follow the juke box musical theme that has been included in Mamma Mia and We Will Rock You.

Music fans from across the world are expected to travel to the West End in London in order to see this magical musical.