/Sparks Single Review

Sparks Single Review

Sparks have had a career spanning 40 years and an impressive 21 albums. Such is their popularity in the U.K, that all 21 albums were showcased live over 21 nights in London last year. All this and I suspect much more, from a band I’ve never heard of! Sparks must have slipped unnoticed under my music radar, so the question is, what will my virgin ears make of their double a-side single?

Their first track, Lighten Up Morrissey, is a lively tribute to the glam rock era, with other bits and pieces, that to me are a mash up of Queen and Madness. It’s something I could imagine people bouncing along to at gigs, as it’s quite easy to get drawn into the vibe of the song. It should also be credited for the strong hook, and at times the instrumental arrangement really stands out.

Their second track, I Can’t Believe That You Would Fall For All The Crap In This Song, is completely different, creating a much more ambient/electro feel. The beats are a little heavy for me, but I did enjoy the piano breaks, and trying/failing to figure out the oddball title and story behind the song.

All in all I couldn’t find anything I disliked about these tracks, and thought they had a lot of personality and fun behind them, and some good standout moments. Would they be on my hit list? I’m not sure, but as a new music experience, it was certainly a worthwhile one!

Catch Sparks live at the Forum in London on March 20th/21st

Tickets £19.50 from www.ticketmaster.co.uk

Single released 23rd March 2009