/Sophomore album Swoon: Silversun Pickups

Sophomore album Swoon: Silversun Pickups

With sweeping soundscapes, a sharp edge and an eloquent tongue, Silversun Pickups push their way through trials and tribulations to deliver another astounding album, Swoon.

Stemming from California, this band whose sound seems to completely dissolve any form of genre definition have certainly made their way through the music industry to deliver some incredible songs. Being likened quite frequently to Smashing Pumpkins (perhaps due to Brian Aubert’s timbre) the group have had their hits, as well as a solid fan base and an impressive live show since the beginning.

Swoon introduces us to a band who have matured slightly since their first release Carnavas. The album brings in other concepts of sound as well as the ‘golden olden’ techniques. Opening with a stirring and slightly more upbeat (than what we’re all used to) track There’s No Secrets This Year the song certainly sets the tone for the rest of the album delivering consistently impressive and a seemingly nonchalant sound on their behalf.

However, that is certainly not the case. On sitting down and separately pulling apart each song, there is no formula to be followed. There are so many varying degrees of instrumentation as well as playful intermissions within the far too often used verse-chorus-verse formula. Silversun Pickups blow away any formula and put forth a sound that has so many levels and degrees to the difficulty, melodic construction and lyrical content that they certainly deserve a standing ovation.

The third track Growing Old is Getting Old reminds the fans of the Silversun Pickups they’ve grown to know. With stirring and quiet bass lines, followed by Brians echoing and somewhat other-wordly voice, the song creates an atmosphere that is seldom found in traditional pop music these days. Pairing with subtle harmonies with backup singer Nikki Monninger, the song builds up and slowly introduces fascinating guitar parts which only exemplify the mood that you’re instantly drawn into.

The single from the album Panic Switch has been gracing the Australian alternative radio station for some days now, with consistent applause and praise for the band. While staying true to their unique sound, they’ve produced a single which is catchy for a heavier album.

On that note, it seems as though Silversun have been embracing their metal side even more this album with an introduction to a faster paced lead guitar paired with a heavier and chunkier sounding bass.

Definitely an album worth checking out, especially if you were impressed by their single released some years ago, Lazy Eye. This album encompasses their past work, and shows their unique act as well as well defined and thought out sound. A great mix of songs, that flow well without confusing the ears or the brain. The amount of work put into producing the album certainly should be applauded, as well as the fantastic shows of musicianship put forward by this Californian four-piece band. Each song melds and mixes together which emanates an soothing and yet almost ethereal atmosphere that is very easy to get lost in.

There is very little to say about this album that can be negative in any way. For a fan this album is close to epic, however, for those who find no interest in the album may find it a little repetitive. Silversun Pickups could be considered like a fine wine. You may not enjoy it at first, but good God you’ll grow to love it.

The sophomore album is almost the hardest to do well, and for this, Silversun Pickups surely deserve accolades for a job well done.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Standout Songs: Growing Old is Getting Old, Panic Switch, Sort of.