/Sleepercurve: Robots (Single)

Sleepercurve: Robots (Single)

To be quite honest, I was having one of those weeks, where my brain just refused to function properly and I was tired. So I needed something to wake me up, and it turned out new band Sleepercurve from London were just what the doctor ordered.

Their single ‘Robots’ is described as a tale of people thinking for themselves, and resisting an all controlling state. With a theme such as this in mind, and the fact that the band list a few sci-fi/futuristic influences, I was expecting something a wee bit ‘wacky’ and ‘out there’. What I got was something a lot more polished and subtle than I was expecting. The song is an up-tempo fusion of catchy riffs, fast paced drum beats, and smooth synth sounds. This, coupled with a great vocal performance from the lead singer, and well placed backing vocals from the other band members, has created something very refreshing, and instantly appealing.

One song reviewed and I’m quite impressed by Sleepercurve. Their brand of ‘electro synth rock’ is well produced and performed, with just the right amount of commercial edge to catapault it into radio playlists, as well as expanding their fan base at gigs. Although this might seem quite a short review, a few words suffice to sum up my verdict on Sleepercurve: You guys ROCK, and I look forward to hearing more!

‘Robots’ is released on 16th November. For more information on the release, autumn/winter tour dates, and the band, visit www.myspace.com/sleepercurve.