/Sky Songs – Music from Sky?

Sky Songs – Music from Sky?

The tech website ‘The Register‘ are reporting that BSKYB, thats Sky to you and me, are teaming up with Universal Music to offer music download services. This will be under the name “Sky Songs”, and with one of the biggest media distributors and music companies teaming up its something to take notice of.

It is reported that the lowest pricing will be from £4.99 per month however Sky replied to The Register stating “the details would not reflect final pricing”. Microsoft’s Zune adverts recently hammered the cost of filling up an ipod fully while promoting a flat ongoing fee which seems to be the target for this new Sky offering.

Looking forward an obvious hook up would be some form of mp3 or video player to attach to your Sky Digital box to allow you to take your music with you. Such a ‘Skypod’ is just a pipedream but would seem a logical future step.