/Sivert Hoyem: Moon Landing (Single)

Sivert Hoyem: Moon Landing (Single)

Apart from the rather erm interesting entries that come forth in each years Eurovision song contest, I’m not really a big expert on Norway’s music scene, so today I’m getting an introduction via the new single from Sivert Hoyem

Sivert was once a member of Norway’s biggest ever rock band- Madrugada, and now after suffering the loss of the bands guitarist, he has decided to explore his new found creative freedom and produce a solo single and album. The single ‘Moon Landing’ features Sivert on electric guitar and vocals, and there’s also instruments called the Elka and Pog Guitar in the music mix. The end result is a slightly retro new wave/rock/electronic sound, accompanied by a suitably retro vocal arrangement. It starts off with quite an epic sounded intro, then continues at a consistently chilled/ambient mid tempo pace for the remainder of the song. At first I was searching for more definition between the different parts of the song, but after a few listens I got into the vibe of the tune. As a first solo effort this is a pretty good one, and I quite enjoyed it. I think it will go down well in the UK market, and look forward to hearing more from Sivert when he releases his album.

‘Moon Landing’ the single, is released on March 29th. This will be followed by an album of the same name on April 5th. For more information visit www.siverthoyem.com