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Site Rules

The following covers posts to forums, blogs, comments and any user interaction areas on the Music.co.uk website. The Music.co.uk website is a community of likeminded people interested in different aspects of Music.

To keep everyone smiling we ask all users of this site to keep to a set of rules that will ensure the site is enjoyable to all users wherever they are. If you do not follow the rules then be prepared to be told off by an administrator / moderator or the like, you may even be placed on the naughty step (a temporary ban!) or perminantly banned – depending on the nature and frequency of what rules you have broken.

All matters relating to the content and conduct on the Music.co.uk will be decided by site administrators / moderators, whos say is final. If you see any content on this site that you do not think conforms to our rules, or law, please let us know immediately either;

  • by using the ‘report post’ function on the webpage.
  • by using the ‘contact us’ function on the bottom of the page by visiting our contact/about page and following the information there.

Please bear in mind that the following rules are in addition to the sites Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. When accessing, contributing to, or using Music.co.uk services in any form you agree not to :

  • Post anything illegal or offensive.
  • Post material which infringes copyright or other intellectual property rights.
  • Post insulting, threatening or defamatory material.
  • Post any material likely to cause undue annoyance, provocation, upset or embarrassment to any reasonable person.
  • Use the forums to harass anyone, including but not limited to posting personal or private information and images.
  • Name companies or individuals in relation to accusations of malpractice, fraud or other criminal or civil offences.
  • Post material or links to material that may be considered pornographic, violent, racist, sexist or voyeuristic or is otherwise offensive or unlawful.
  • Post links to websites or adverts for your own commercial gain apart from via the formal advertising system, directory or classifieds for private adverts.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact us.