/Single Reviews (August 3rd Release)

Single Reviews (August 3rd Release)

Raygun: Just Because

Remember the name Raygun, as these guys are sure to make a huge impact on the music scene this year, thanks in part to a record deal with hit makers RCA. The label are releasing ‘Just Because’ from Raygun on August 3rd. There’s no messing about with this band, no long intros, they just burst straight into their take on indie/pop. The lead singer’s distinctive and slightly quirky vocals power through the verses, which are underplayed with a funky guitar riff. They lead nicely into a soaring chorus, and later on, a slightly electro instrumental break. This was apparently the ‘clean version’ of the song, and all I can say is, why do they need an uncensored version? It seems completely unnecessary to me. That said, there is a certain charisma emanating from this band, and if they are hoping to capture the essence of Indie/Rock/Pop, and razzle dazzle their fans, they seem to be going the right way about it.

More info and video clips available at www.myspace.com/raygunofficial

Temper Trap: Sweet Disposition

In the past, a lot of the music that ventures onto U.K shores from Australia has been the by-product of some soap opera. In 2009 however, things are different, and as The Temper Trap prepare to release in the U.K, there’s not a Neighbours reference in site.

These guys have already made a good impression on the U.K Market, thanks to appearances at Glastonbury, Latitude, and support from the likes of BBC 6 Music, and Channel 4. They hope to build upon these foundations with the release of their new U.K single, Sweet Disposition. Although categorised on Myspace as A cappella, Drum n Bass, and Zouk (whatever that is?) this song immediately transports me back to the 1980’s, and the New Wave sounds of acts like the Eurythmics. It’s a symphonic track that could be right at home on a chill out compilation. The consistent up and down guitar arrangements, drum beats, and pace make the song drag on a little too long for my taste, but there is a certain charm about it at the same time. I’ve not heard a song in this style for a while, which should make it stand out when it hits the shops and download stores.

The Temper Trap will be touring the U.K throughout September. For more info and gig dates visit www.myspace.com/thetempertrap