/Sing Along With BBC 1 This March!

Sing Along With BBC 1 This March!

Coming to a small screen near you is ‘All The Small Things’, a brand new all singing drama from BBC1. Filmed last year in and around Manchester, the stellar cast includes former Coronation Street stars Sarah Lancashire and Richard Fleeshman, Sarah Alexander who’s previously appeared in the film Stardust, and Neil Pearson of Bridget Jones fame.

The series follows the highs and lows of a choir, united more by their passion for music than their talent. The choir is conducted by Michael (Neil Pearson) with his wife Esther (Sarah Lancashire) at the heart of the singers. Esther feels juggling the choir and her life as a full time mum is chaotic enough, but neither she, nor her husband or the rest of the choir, is prepared for the mayhem that Layla (Sarah Alexander) will cause when she arrives on the scene. Be prepared for manipulation, ruthlessness, and glamour, as the ambitious Soprano wreaks havoc on the choir, and the personal lives of Esther and Michael. Striving for success, Layla leaves not only a broken marriage, but a broken choir in her wake. Completing the scene, and adding some intrigue, is Jake (Brian Dick) a curator whose own past has been blighted by Layla. 

The ousted and less able members of the choir soon join forces with Esther and her talented son Kyle (Richard Fleeshman) to form a new group, which becomes a heady mix of classical and contemporary music. The two choirs, with two very different agendas, develop against a strong musical backbone. So listen out and sing along to the infectious melodies and soaring arias, as you discover how the power of music can bring many individual stories together.

Writer Debbie Horsfield already has several successes under her belt, Cutting It and True Dare Kiss. Will this be another one? Well you’ll just have to watch and find out!