/Simon Cowell to play smaller role in UK X Factor

Simon Cowell to play smaller role in UK X Factor

The music mogul Simon Cowell who is now widely appreciated throughout the UK for producing shows X Factors and Britains Got Talent will not appear as a weekly judge on the next series of the UK X Factor.

Rumours have been rife surrounding this subject for many months as Cowell has now taken the X Factor platform to the United States. People were expecting for Cowell to appear on both shows by splitting his time between the UK and the US; despite news reports indicating a fall out between the music mogul and ITV, the production company have stated they are completely comfortable with the decision which Cowell has made.

ITV are now likely to be worried about how the ratings of the UK X Factor are affected after Simon Cowell made this decision, he is considered by many viewers to be a major element of the show. Fans of the show are understandably upset by the decision that Simon has taken, especially as he has opted to choose the US over the UK. Although it is believed that Cowell will spend more time in the US as the X Factor will have to battle against a rival show, American Idol.

It is hoped that Cowell will play some kind of role within the UK X Factor later in the series, during the final stages. Agreements have yet to be made about the arrangement but Simon has stated he will be investing just as much time in the UK as he will the US. Futhermore, ITV have stated that Simon will continue to have a major backstage presence and will be ensuring that the television show continues to progress to new heights.

This news comes as there is still constant media activity surrounding whether Cheryl Cole will return to the panel of the UK X Factor or whether she will be offered a place on the US X Factor judges panel. It is believed that Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh will continue with the UK show, although contracts have still not been signed.

Speculation is mounting over who else will be on the UK judges panel, names have included Gary Barlow, Mel B, Ozzy Osbourne and Lily Allen.