/Sharp Practice: Banging On The Rocks (Album)

Sharp Practice: Banging On The Rocks (Album)

The definition of a hook in a song, is something that you can grab onto and remember from a song, whether it be a guitar riff, a catchy beat, or memorable lyrics you’ll end up humming and singing along to. I searched for hooks in the new album release from ‘Sharp Practice’ and didn’t find any.

This four piece band formed in 1999 and laid claim to a debut release that has received rave reviews, and worldwide airplay. Now they have just brought out their second album, which does very little to excite the mind lyrically or vocally. To me this is the main let down with this CD. At best I would describe both these elements as quite old school, generic, and delivered in a lazy fashion. There isn’t much variety to the vocal tones of the lead singer, and much more could have been done with the backing vocals.

That said, they do play their instruments well, and there is a good mix of ballads, and more lively tracks on the CD. They also use their folk/blues/country to add a somewhat old school, American feel to the record. The second half of the album improves on the somewhat static start to the record, so I’d mark out tracks like ‘Come To Know’, Season Of The Rose’, and ‘Screw The Earth’ to listen out for.

Overall though, this album was a disappointment, and while the band may have captured the melancholy blues/folk style quite well, this album isn’t all that distinctive, and I’m sorry but it just didn’t leave any ‘Hook In My Heart’.

‘Banging On The Rocks’ is out now. For more information on the band please visit www.sharppractise.com.