/Sarah Lincoln: Feels Like Christmas (Single)

Sarah Lincoln: Feels Like Christmas (Single)

It seems that Essex based musical types are an inspired bunch when it comes to Christmas songs, and I have a third song to review this year from my county. ‘Feels Like Christmas’ comes from singer and actress Sarah Lincoln, whose self written offering will help raise funds for the ‘Help For Heroes Charity’. This is obviously a cause close to Sarah’s heart, and one that inspired the lyric theme to the song. This is a heartfelt tale about the men and women out fighting in war zones, and families waiting at home. It’s heartfelt, though not overly sentimental, and produces some quite warm/homey images.

The music starts very strongly in an acoustic style, and you start to feel that maybe it won’t be the usual Christmas fare, but the children’s choir and bells do make an appearance towards the end. To be honest it would have been nice to hear the acoustic melody continue all the way through, though I did find myself humming along to the festive sounds as well!  Even with mixed feelings, it’s hard to resist the festive spirit! I enjoyed Sarah’s pure, quite powerful voice, and the acoustic start to the song, it just could’ve been a bit more original towards the end. That said it’s a festive ballad with a heart, and it’s something new, which is always a good thing (unless you like hearing ‘All I Want For Christmas’ for the hundredth time).

‘Feels Like Christmas’ is released on December 14th via I-Tunes. For more information on ‘Help For Heroes’ visit www.helpforheroes.org.uk or visit www.myspace.com/sarahlincoln45