/Sarah Blasko: As Day Follows Night (Album)

Sarah Blasko: As Day Follows Night (Album)

sarahcoverIf you’re looking for a bit of Aussie magic this spring, then why not check out ‘As Day Follows Night’, the first European release by Sarah Blasko. Already an award winning artist down under, Sarah hopes to repeat this success over here, and this album will certainly prove to be a good introduction to her music. ‘As Day Follows Night’ is a 12 track affair, packed full of reflective melodies, emotive and lyrical reflections on relationship, pulsing beats, and an interesting blues/folk combination that may draw comparisons to artists like Paloma Faith. Here is my track by track commentary:

Down On Love
: A track that shows off Sarah’s distinct vocal well, and is packed full of sweeping pianos.

All I Want: A haunting melody, coupled with raw emotion, and drum arrangements that hint at loneliness and isolation make up this track.

Bird On A Wire: One of my favourite tracks on the album, thanks in part to it’s interesting lyric. The story is played out over pulsing drum beats, and a catchy melody that draws the listener in. A well written and produced song.

Hold On My Heart: Another haunting melody, with folk influences high in the mix. An interesting lyric that gets you thinking as well.

We Won’t Run: An epic, cinematic tune that was Sarah’s first single release over here. A chorus that sticks in your head, and an aching, emotive charm lift this track above others on the album.

Is My Baby Yours: Although there’s not so many lyrics in this song, and the repetition gets a little tiring, the smooth, reflective melody has some charm. A nice acoustic track to chill out to.

Sleeper Awake: Brilliant track! From the interesting title, to the rhythmic drums, the odd hint of a brass section, and old school strings/keys arrangement, this had me hooked. Essentially a late night blues track that’s well worth a listen.

No Turning Back: Sounds like a story of a restless soul who’s learning all about the ups and downs of a relationship. Strong lyrically, but a bit samey in the thumping melody/pace of the music.

Lost and Defeated: This one has an interesting, slightly oriental style to the music, and is quite melancholy. Raw emotion at it’s best.

Over and Over: A quirky, percussive number that captured, but didn’t quite hold, my attention.

I Never Knew: A song full of lyrical charm, and vocal depth.

Night And Day: Another folk track, with a haunting melody, and meaningful lyrics like ‘they’re just nights and days we while away’. This track along with ‘I Never Knew’ provides a great ending to the album.

After listening to the album, I think it’s safe to say Sarah Blasko can tick the boxes when it comes to lyrical charm, distinct vocals, and haunting melodies. She has produced an album that definitely has some highlights.I would have liked to have heard a little more of the jazzy/blues vibe coming through, and more variety in the lyrical themes. That said, as an artist Sarah Blasko has a lot of charm, and I look forward to seeing how she goes down with the British public when her album is released.

‘As Day Follows Night’ is released via Dramatico Entertainment on April 5th. For more information on the release, and Sarah Blasko visit www.sarahblasko.com