/Sainsbury’s to launch new digital download music service

Sainsbury’s to launch new digital download music service

In an attempt to compete with Apple’s iTunes, the supermarket giant will expand its current online operations to coincide with the launch of a new section of its website which was revealed last week.  Currently, the mini-site allows customers to purchase or pre-order over 150,000 CDs, DVDs and books – a move which many view as throwing down the gauntlet with the likes of Play and Amazon.

The next phase which will happen before Christmas sees Sainsbury’s providing downloads of the latest and greatest music hits. They will also provide a huge back catalogue of titles from a massive selection of artists. Users will be able to download the music onto a range of different MP3 players.

Speaking on the announcement, Richard Crampton, Sainsbury’s entertainment chief explained how being online would allow the supermarket too offer far more than it can in its stores and  the non-food part of the business was set to take advantage of the new website as it develops and matures.