/Run Toto Run: Catch My Breath

Run Toto Run: Catch My Breath

Although Manchester based band Run Toto Run may be new to music.co.uk, these guys have certainly proven to be a hit elsewhere in the media/music world, clocking up a youtube hit with their cover of Passion Pit’s song ‘Sleepyhead’. This has also been playlisted on Radio 1, XFM, and Topshop Radio. This along with numerous other press and radio mentions, should set the trio up well for the release of their new single, ‘Catch My Breath’.

If this record set out aiming to represent both the stylish, and quirky side of Manchester, then I would say it’s succeeded. The intro is the essence of quirkyness, and there’s a few interesting sounds that crop up throughout the song, which I can’t quite work out! The rest of the musical arrangement is quite percussive, focussing on the xylophone, with the overall production moving from soft to loud with surprising ease, given the quirky nature of the song. This is coupled with the excellent and very current vocal arrangements performed by Rachael Kichenside, who adds a touch of pop/folk to the track.

There are two remixes to accompany the main edit of the single, both quite different and atmospheric. The first by Magic Arms, adds a quite heavy electro/synth beat and urban vibe to the song, while Shoplifters have gone for a more ethereal/haunting feel on their remix. The first would go down well in the clubs, whereas the second would make a great Halloween track.

Although this song is a little too quirky for my tastes, it was an interesting listen, and the vocal is certainly something to make you sit up and pay attention. I’m sure it will help represent new music in Manchester, and indeed the U.K, when it’s released. If you think this sounds like your kind of tune, then it’s available from December 14th. More information, as always, via the world wide web @ www.myspace.com/runtotorunmusic