/Rumours Surround Steps Relaunch

Rumours Surround Steps Relaunch

The reunion of Steps continues to mount with popularity and it is now eagerly anticipated by many different people. The fans of Steps are becoming encouraged around the press reports around the band, especially those saying that new tour dates have been added to the schedule of the tour.

In recent news it has been reported that Lisa Soctt Lee, a member of Steps, has stated that she would like a chance to sing her solo material on the upcoming Steps tour. Apparently Lisa is very keen to perform her debut solo single Lately on the tour; this singly reached number six in the charts during 2003.

Speaking out the artist revealed that in the past all of the artists have had great experiences. Apparently on previous tours the artists have had the opportunity to do solo spots and Lisa is hoping this will happening again and that she will get the opportunity to perform Lately.

Lisa stated that the song is something that she is very proud of and she states that she had a great hit with it. She has stated that she can certainly see herself doing it again.

Another member of Steps, Lee Latchford-Evans, revealed that he felt some of solo material would not be right for the Steps tour. Apparently his world after Steps was very different and he was preforming at rock festivals. Whilst Lee changed to rock music, Lisa maintained with the dance music.

All of the members of the band have revealed that they are very pleased that they have got the opportunity to have another stab at the music industry. Lisa Scott Lee achieved four top ten hits whilst debuting her solo material.

An individual who has been working with Steps has recently contacted Music.co.uk to reveal that the apparent rift in the band that was recently reported was purely false.