/Ross Copperman Myspace Review

Ross Copperman Myspace Review


Although it’s been a few years since Ross has released any music in the U.K, he’s still been making some noise in his new home of Nashville. New songs have been appearing on his popular myspace page, so of course music.co.uk couldn’t resist having a little peek at what Ross has been up to.

Something old:

‘All She Wrote’ was Ross Copperman’s debut single in the U.K, and given the quality of the song it’s not surprising he’s left it on his myspace page. All She Wrote is a well written piano led track that has cross over appeal. Along with this, he’s also achieved a soaring chorus, a lyrical story that everyone can relate to, and infectious guitar/piano arrangements. It’s definitely a song that will stick in your head, but what about his other tracks?

Something new:

This comes in the form of the simple yet emotive ‘They’ll Never Know’. The piano and strings come together to make an emotive instrumentation, and the lyrics fit in well with the musical style. ‘Tip Of My Tongue’ also has a quite simple, soft production, and is a good song for when you want to relax.

The other songs lean more towards indie/guitar rock. ‘Talk’ reminds me a little of the Snow Patrol/Keane style of music, though it’s back on familiar ground with its infectious chorus. ‘Falling’ again has something of a ‘live band’ sound about it, though for me, I’d prefer a different drum sound. The final new track ‘Shine’, has an ambient intro, a smooth vocal performance, and is another illustration of how well Ross can connect with the lyrics he’s singing. All in all, I’d say the lyrical content runs along similar lines in the new material, with the musical style adding variety. Some of the songs are likely to generate an immediate reaction, others I think are growers. The soaring piano melodies of All She Wrote are outstanding, and were the highlight for me, but the new material is an interesting listen, and we’re told there’s much more to come too. 

Listen to all these tracks and more at www.myspace.com/rosscopperman, but before leave the site, you can read an exclusive interview with the man himself! Click Here for more from Americas finest young talent.