/Rolling Stones Tour to be Announced

Rolling Stones Tour to be Announced

It is expected that the Rolling Stones will complete a full scale tour during 2013. Rumours continue to mount around when this will be held and the band have spoken out about the talks that are circulating.

Speaking about the rumours Mick Jagger stated that the band would reveal the information around the tour once they have figured it out.

The band have recently completed a mini tour playing in London, Brooklyn and New Jersey to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The band focused on the tour very hard and were determined that the music would be presented in a good way rather than just having a flash showcase.

Speaking to the press Mick Jagger revealed that there had been a number of different offers relating to a full scale 2013 tour. Jagger stated he would now speak to Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts about their future plans.

Richards stated that the fans should just wait for an announcement in regards to what will be happening during 2013.

The Rolling Stones continue to be considered to be the best rock and roll band of all times. Their mini tour that was held in 2012 did actually sell out in record time, with thousands of fans left disappointed.