/The Rolling Stones Secret Gigs

The Rolling Stones Secret Gigs

It has been revealed that The Rolling Stones will be completing a series of secret gigs before their up and coming tour. Recently it was announced that the band would be playing a tour in order to celebrate their 50th anniversary as a band.

The band who have announced they will play their tour at Newark and London will be playing secret warm up gigs under an assumed name, this was recently revealed by band member Ronnie Wood.

The official return for the band has been set at 25th November and the band will play their first two gigs at the o2 Arena in London. Currently the band are rehearsing in Paris and are hoping to hold a series of secret gigs in order to warm up.

The band will not be revealing where the secret gigs will be held but it is expected that the band will be scheduled at regular venues with regular punters.

The Rolling Stones are expected to announce that will be extending their tour beyond Newark and London.