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Roadtrip Songs

The tank in the car is full. You’ve managed to pack up the back seat and trunk of the car so tightly you’re questioning whether or not you can reverse the car and remain within legal parameters. You have the obligatory snacks and the water in the front seat slowly heating up and you’re wondering how you’re going to keep your eyes open long enough to get to the next check point, but the one question on your mind is, what am I going to listen to that’s not going to make me drive this car off a cliff? Well, problem solved. Here are a few tracks that I find are great to listen to, in terms of your car trip and where you’re going.



Beach Trip!


So you’re heading to the beach with your mates, and realised you don’t have any tunes to listen to? You need something that has a relaxed beachy vibe, while also being fun and funky.


  1. Paper Thin Walls – Modest Mouse

Why: Modest Mouse have a natural beachy sound that keeps you interested through the lyrics and the great natural staccato of singer Isaac Brock. The song is casual and flowy, and somehow reminds you of times relaxing on the beach with a beer and your friends. The song is upbeat enough to start the trip going, and is fun to sing along to, as well!


  1. Road Trippin’ – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    Why: This song was a bit of an easy choice, but it does perfectly some up what you’re doing. Consider it the ballad to your trip. RHCP have that casual vibe that maintains itself throughout the song which also lends its feelings towards the relaxed attitude you want to have on your beach trip. Turn on, tune in, and drop out. At least, not while you’re driving.


  1. Electric Feel – MGMT

    Why: Admit it – as much airplay as this song has had in the past year or so, you still love it and it still makes you feel like dancing. The lyrics talk about swimming naked, and you’re already thinking about doing that when you reach your destination. The song fills you with happiness while creating awesome memories which is guaranteed to get the car excited on its adventure!


  1. Haiti – Arcade Fire

    Why: This song starts with waves crashing, with a soothing lapsteel guitar sound which seems to lend itself to imagery of Hawaii. The beautiful lyrics and incredible sounding voice relax you and remind you of the fun things to come. Talking of the sea, you can close your eyes and picture yourself dipping into the cool water.



Country Vacation


Nothing more calming than the countryside to soothe your poor nerves after living in the city. The fresh air, the warm sun and the gorgeous surroundings is enough to keep you relaxed, but you need to keep the car trip casual and friendly too.


  1. Songbird – Bernard Fanning

    Why: The interesting timbre of Bernard’s guitar definitely has a country feel while also staying calm and melodic throughout the song. Talking of songbirds and lost love it provides a fantastic soundtrack without being pretentious and disarming during your trip. It can easily be background music, theme music, or the main focus on your trip. Enjoy the fun country sounding song without the cliché country sound.


  1. No Cars Go – Arcade Fire

    Why: “There is a place where no cars go, there is a place where no ships go. There is a place where no space ships go, there is a place where no subs go. No cars go, where we know.” Remind yourself that you’re taking time out, and plug this song in for a fun and fantastical song which gives you perspective on where you are.


  1. Marry Song – Band of Horses

Why: The song gives itself a harmonisation that is definitely reminiscent of a traditional country song, while also maintaining a friendly sound that is relaxing and comforting at the same time. The song will help those in the car drift off to sleep in the sun, and those awake appreciate the surroundings around them.


  1. Grace – Jeff Buckley

    Why: For some reason, this song always pops into my head if i’m driving through the country watching the scenery race by. Buckley’s incredible voice makes the song stand out and becomes a soundtrack to what you’re doing. The scenery racing by seems to mimick the interesting pace of the opening guitar riff; the song in general is just beautiful.



Road trip for no reason! Woo!


Sometimes we all just need to get away. Whether it’s work, study or social life bumming you out, road trips with mates can always help you clear your mind and get a great perspective. Here are four tracks that always get the car singing along, but don’t lend themselves to any theme.


  1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

    Why? Duh. It’s Queen. Everyone across the world knows this song, and it’s incredibly fun to sing along to, regardless of what mood you’re in. If you’re feeling particularly cocky, assign parts to each person and hand out points for whoever can hit ‘galileo, figaro-magnifico!’ the highest. This song always seems incredibly popular on playlists, so give it a go and have a smile.


  1. God Is In The Radio – Queens of the Stone Age

Why: This song is incredibly sexy, the timbre of the gorgeous semi hollow car creates this amazing imagery of cruising down a highway at dusk in some American desert. A definite must-have for a car trip, it’s fun to sing and dead sexy to listen to.


  1. Highway to Hell – AC/DC

    Why: This one was on Rolling Stone’s list, and it’s gracing mine too. There is nothing better than a rock classic that everyone can sing along to, while also giving you a pretty good laugh if you’re sick of driving and need a distraction.


  1. I Get Around – The Beach Boys

    Why: Another classic for the beach playlist, but this one is another classic that everyone in the car can sing along to and have a good laugh. Pretty much any song detailing cars has a good vibe that’s definitely appropriate for the road.


Happy Driving!