/Rihanna and Coldplay to Perform at Closing Ceremony

Rihanna and Coldplay to Perform at Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony of the Olympics 2012 in London was one of the most watched events of the year. Millions of viewers tuned in from across the world in order to watch the spectacular show.

The show was produced in order to celebrate everything British and this mainly focused on British music. It will be a long time before anybody forgets the ceremony, the biggest names in British music joined together to put on an incredible show. One of the most notable performances of the night was from the Spice Girls, this was their show in a decade and it has since been revealed that they are unlikely to ever play together again.

The Paralympics are about to kick off in London and the artists who will be performing at the closing ceremony are expected to be kept top secret. Although despite this wish, rumours are suggesting that Rihanna and Coldplay will perform.

It is expected that the artists will perform together and individually on the closing night. Rihanna has previously recorded the song Princess of China with Coldplay; they are expected to perform this live on the night.

Recent rumours are suggesting that Coldplay actually turned down playing at the closing ceremony of the Olympics so that they could perform at the Paralympics. It is expected that the ceremony will be themed mainly around the band.