/Rick Astley: Lights Out

Rick Astley: Lights Out

It’s not often you’d actually come to thank a viral worm for something, but it seems this particular one, that spread through the internet in 2008, is responsible for the comeback of 80’s legend Rick Astley. Although a virus is no laughing matter, the fact that thousands of websites played out the video for 80’s classic ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ instead of displaying the right pages, is quite amusing. Rick became a worldwide news story once again, and if you fast forward to the present day, then this means a comeback, and a brand new single!

Having been born just short of the 80’s, I grew up on a musical diet that sometimes included Rick Astley. But I grew out of him, and when I heard he was releasing a new single, I was expecting a cheesey pop track. What he’s given us with ‘Lights Out’ however, is a grown up, much more mature, but rather cool blend of pop, with a slight twist of indie. It’s an atmospheric track, with some hooks in the chorus, and an emotive (but not overly so) storyline about ‘lost love’. It’s an easy to listen to track, that I’d recommend you all have a listen to. Even though we love the 80’s, it’s quite interesting to hear stars from that era sing something new, and this song is a winner for me.

‘Lights Out’ is released on June 7th 2010, followed by some gig dates throughout June/July/August, including the 80’s Rewind Festival in Henley. For more information please visit www.rickastley.co.uk.