/Richard Lennox: CD Review

Richard Lennox: CD Review

Last month I won a prize on a local radio station, which was a three track CD by classical musician and composer Richard Lennox. I’d never heard of him before, but after a listen to his CD, I knew I had to introduce him to the readers of music.co.uk.

Richard has performed all over the world both as a soloist, and with orchestras, with dates taking in the Edinburgh Festival, Royal Albert Hall, and the Birmingham Symphony Hall. He’s also released several CD’s, one of which is Winter Toccatta, which I have to review.

Although I don’t often listen to classical music, I was entranced right from the first note of this track, which evokes all kinds of images and emotions through the composition. It begins with a quaint and charming piano intro, before the other instruments enter into the mix in true vibrant style. It has elements of a rousing pop song, traditional classical arrangements, and later on, a religious feel through a choral style vocal. Equally soaring, and moving in good measure, it evokes images of children, snow, churches, and families, with a variation of tone that would make it suitable for ballet or ice dance routines. A radio edit and full version of this song, composed by Richard, are accompanied by his arrangement of a traditional classic, Queen of Sheba, which I believe comes from the Opera Solomon. This track adds a slightly old fashioned feel to the recording, and although not really to my taste, contrasts well with the original composition.

I think, from this track alone, Richard Lennox is a good artist to check out as an introduction to classical music, and hopefully a joy for those already a fan of the genre.

For more information visit www.richardlennoxmusic.com