/Review: Tim Minchin – Ready For This?

Review: Tim Minchin – Ready For This?

 Tim Minchin has been a busy man over the past few years. With his growing success as a comedian/musician, not only in his native Australia but also throughout the UK, as well as a dvd and cd release it’s obvious his popularity is growing in leaps and bounds.

Not only that but he extensively tours, as well as successfully spawning his own little daughter with his wife in the past few years – it seems as though he has it all going for him.

His latest show Ready for This? Has been playing at the Brisbane Powerhouse as part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival taking place over the coming weeks. The show contains all new material, as well as one or two of the comedic favourites that the fans have gotten to know.

From the second of sitting down, it was obvious to see how far his popularity had stretched since the last performance at the Powerhouse. The previous performance was in a small intimate room, no bigger than any small practice room at a University. This time, Minchin successfully managed to sell out each show in the main Powerhouse theatre, which seats hundreds.

Tim Minchin’s voice crackles over the speaker, as he introduces musical parts for the title track to his latest show, a mix of synth, bass, vocals (of all types) were recorded through no other instrument than his mouth and remixed. He walks out, staggering slowly across the stage in his traditional performance uniform: hair akimbo, button down shirt, tight jeans, and no shoes. The style that we’ve all grown to love is quickly becoming iconic.

Minchin powered through his title track, giving quick smiles at the audience as he realised the degree of hilarity to his music piece. After sitting down at his piano, he informs the audience that he’s about to launch into a song about ‘prejudice’. He proclaims so proudly that he’s sick of the use of a word which has been spread so worldwide within the previous months. He’s sick of being called a ‘ginger, rangah, rednut and carrot top’ by those who aren’t of that hair colour persuasion themselves. The song, while heavily focussed on the amusing lyrics and anecdotes is followed by a piano part which, for someone as talented as Tim Minchin, looks absolutely effortless.

Minchin powered through his show, a tantalising mix of extreme dark and quirky comedy, with a fantastic fusion of music styles. He made it through a nine minute beat poem, eastern-infused pop songs, classic rock, as well as solving the crisis of the inhumane treatment of dancing bears in India.

A musician at heart, and a comedian in the head, Tim Minchin managed to stun audiences with his extreme musical talents, and his quick witty humour that is completely unrivaled to anyone else.

The highlight of the performance would be his song about the devastating music review he once received – and the spiteful (and yet oddly cheerfully sounding) he pushes back at the reviewer. The lyrics were quick, witty, and dripping with disdain while played to a major tonality which only emphasised not only Minchin’s knowledgable use of contrapuntal sound but gave way to the dark humour.

The show went past too quick, but there is not a second of boredom. Amazing music, a great belly laugh for anyone who is so inclined to have a laugh at dark humour, while smoke machines, lazers, and a break dancing bear were utilised brilliantly.

If Minchin is touring near you (and he’s bloody everywhere), definitely take the time to check it out.