/Review- Shattered Society EP Review

Review- Shattered Society EP Review

Shattered Society” are a 5 piece hardcore / metal band from Bergen, Norway that formed early 2010.

Mikal Olav Gehrmann– Bass,

Eivind Thorsen Trengereid– Guitar

Andre Solberg– Guitar/Backing Vocals.

Simon Søviknes– Drums

Frode Hennø– Vocals

The band was without a vocalist for a while, but had made a lot of material. After several months of searching and matching vocals to their music, they found Frode Hennø!
The band started recording their demo single in August 2010, called “Ignoring the truth” that consists of two tracks.

Then 4 months later the band teamed up with the guitarists from “Goddamn” and “Broken Silence” and they then started to record their debut 5 tracked EP that is now available on MySpace!

To have a listen to the EP your self visit: http://www.myspace.com/shatteredsocietytheband

These are the track listings for Shattered Society’s EP:
– Intro
– Ignoring The Truth
– Blisters Sore
– A New Divine
– Shattered Society

All in all I really thoroughly enjoyed this EP! To me it the style of Shattered Society brought back memories of my teenage music years and mixed them with some of todays!
It was like listening to Machine Head and Killswitch Engage mixed with various metal bands, it really is a total metal fest with these guys! If you like pure metal give them a listen!

The EP rarely has a moment where you can keep your head still; every song is a metal anthem one after the other. The intro as natural is the quietest part of the album but quiet in a metal sense. Every song on the album offers bone crunching rifts, powerful vocals and thundering drum beats! Overall my favorite track on the EP although very hard to choose is A New Divine because it’s extremely loud and aggressive! With immense breakdowns and Robert Flynn styled vocals this is definitely a win for me!

 If you have a chance to see these….. GO! But have 999 on speed dial for an ambulance coz these guys are brutal!