/Red Bull re-launches contest making music from cans

Red Bull re-launches contest making music from cans

On October 1st 2008 Red Bull energy drink re-launched ‘Red Bull Can Make Music’, a creativity contest that challenges students to make and build a unique piece of music using only a Red Bull can at www.redbullcanmakemusic.com until 13th December 2008.
A competition to create the most individual and cleverly constructed piece of music, tracks can be made, recorded and uploaded from scratch or created by arranging the pre-programmed can sounds on the online sequencer at redbullcanmakemusic.com . Whether you flick it, crush it, bend it or tear it the possibilities are endless just release your inner creativity and let your imagination do the work.

Supported and judged by music heavyweights and Red Bull Music Academy1 Alumni DJ Zinc, Zed Bias and Tony Nwachukwu entries will be scored on creative concept: individuality and ingenuity and conceptual execution: composition and construction. The creator of the winning track will be invited along to an all expenses paid party for them and their mates in a Central London venue.

To get you started check out the sample tracks created by our judges at redbullcanmakemusic.com for inspiration. Not only that you can listen to last year’s winning track here!