/Reamonn: Through The Eyes Of A Child/Million Miles

Reamonn: Through The Eyes Of A Child/Million Miles

A big thank you goes out to whoever decided to bring Irish-Berlin quintet Reamonn to the UK. Apparently this band have already sold millions of albums worldwide, and supported the likes of Status Quo and Ah-Ha on tour. Now, thankfully, they have turned their attention to the UK and are releasing a double A-Side single, ‘Through The Eyes Of A Child/Million Miles’, which I think it’s safe to say made an impact on me!

Two very strong songs, that work together as a double A-Side really well, yet would stand tall and proud on their own too. Both tracks are in the same mid-tempo, accessible pop/rock style, and both have infectious, sing-along choruses, yet there’s a slightly different edge to each too. ‘Through The Eyes Of A Child’ is a commercial mix of urban pop beats, and acoustic guitar, layered with the strong vocal of Rea Garvey. With lyrics like “this life is so complicated until we see it through the eyes of a child”, it’s likely that the story behind this song will stand out, and strike a chord with listeners too. Their second track ‘Million Miles’ has an emotive strain running through the lyrics, but this time, the band have gone for an American country/rock feel to the music.

Reamonn have produced two pretty much faultless, catchy, current, pop/rock ballads that I very much enjoyed listening to. I don’t know what else they’ve got in store for us here in the UK, but I certainly look forward to finding out!

Through The Eyes Of A Child/Million Miles is released through the Universal Music Record Label (UMRL) on March 22nd 2010. For more information visit http://www.reamonn.co.uk