/Reading and Leeds Festival Tickets on Sale

Reading and Leeds Festival Tickets on Sale

Reading and Leeds Festival tickets are now on sale and there is great debate surrounding whether the festivals will sell out this year. In previous years the festivals have been a major success, although last year was a disappointing year according to many people that attended.

For years the festivals had been regarded as the best in the festival industry but they have recently faced tough competition and this has somewhat changed their position. In 2011 the festival organisers struggles to sell the tickets for the event, something that has never been a problem previously.

It appears that a tactic that has been put in place by the organisers to ensure that this does not happen again is the offering of tickets to Vodafone customers first. Any Vodafone customer now gets priority when buying tickets for these festivals.

Many regular attendees have questioned the quality of the acts that are appearing at these festivals and this may be on of the reasons why it has not been as popular.

It now remains to be seen how well the festivals will do in 2012. The line up has not yet been announced and this is a problem according to many festival goers.

The success of these festivals has reduced particularly because of Creamfields being organised on the same weekend. Creamfields festival has gone from strength to strength and is now attracting festival goers away from Reading and Leeds and towards the dance spectacular.

Many festival organisers are expecting difficulty in selling tickets for next year as people tighten up on the spending they are making.