/Radiohead UK Tour

Radiohead UK Tour

Radiohead have recently announced that they will be playing a UK tour; this will be the first time for many years. For many of their fans this comes as an excellent announcement and the majority of their fans are very happy with the announcement.

Despite this great announcement, many fans have taken to Twitter in order to express their disappointment around the tour dates that have been announced. The band will only play one date at Manchester and two dates in London.

Currently the band will play one date at the MEN Arena in Manchester and two dates at the o2 Arena in London.

Users have taken to Twitter to ask the band to extend the tour dates and to different locations. At their US tour the band did keep adding dates to the tour and now it is hoped that they will do the same in the UK.

It is also be speculated that the band will play at numerous festivals, with Leeds Festival being touted as the favourite for their display.

Tickets will go on sale on Friday and there is likely to be high demand for the tickets. The band has also introduced new measures to ensure that tickets are not sold on by touts. All people purchasing and attending the gigs will be required to show identification.