/Quinlan: Wrestle With Angels (Single/Video)

Quinlan: Wrestle With Angels (Single/Video)

Although Quinlan is a new name to my, and I’m sure many other ears, he’s been around for quite a while, carving out a career for himself that revolves around his two passions of acting and singing. Not one to shy away from new challenges, for his forthcoming single release, Quinlan has teamed up with rising star Gem Allen on ‘Wrestle With Angels’.

In this song Quinlan is begging to be ‘forgiven for the sins of the common man’, whatever they may be!! It’s a nice lyrical story that has just the right amount of emotion and sentiment, that’s coupled with a positive vibe and happy ending to the story. In the song Quinlan finds a love that brings him alive, and a formidable person to duet with in Gem Allen. Gem looks stunning in the video, and has a memorable, voice, with a high range that I hope we’ll be hearing more of in the future. Her harmonies are sublime, and for the most part Gem and Quinlan combine well together vocally, but there are times when the combination of her extended notes and his shorter ones doesn’t work. The vocal arrangements aren’t perfect, but to some extent they are lost beneath the power pop that is the music. Piano led, with subtle guitar/drum beats, the music is quite a powerful beast, that reminds me a little of the pop-opera genre that Meatloaf made famous. It’s catchy, soaring, and will create a lot of atmosphere when performed live. An interesting addition to my review list, that should make an impression when it’s released.

‘Wrestle With Angels’ is released on February 15th 2010. For more information on Quinlan visit www.myspace.com/quinlanworld , and you can also find Gem Allen on myspace at www.myspace.com/gemallen.