/Quartershade: Statues (Single)

Quartershade: Statues (Single)

Although this song has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, it’s strong opening melodies are the sort of thing I’d want to hear from a rock band this festive season. A strong start then, from a band who have become popular with radio DJ’s all over the UK and Europe, but would the song continue in the same vein? Well kind of!

To get the criticism out the way, there was a slightly annoying distorted guitar section at one point in the song, and I would’ve like to have heard more of a build up to the chorus. Also for me, an anthemic song has a lot of power, and is something you can sing along to. I don’t think Quartershade are quite there yet.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and there are some impressive instrumental breaks throughout the track, and it does have a pleasing catchy/quirkiness to it. This coupled together with the vocal, puts me in mind of the Blur/Brit Pop Era. Last but by no means least, there are the lyrics. Although after a few listens, I’m still not entirely sure what the story in the song is, it definitely caught my attention! So big kudos for all that for a band I’d say are three quarters there. If you’ll pardon the pun, they just need to pull the other ‘Quarter’ out of the ‘Shade’!!

‘Statues’ is released on December 14th. For more information you can visit www. Quartershade.com.