/Psy Releases Gangnam Follow Up

Psy Releases Gangnam Follow Up

K-Pop star Psy has unveiled the follow up to the popular Gangnam Style.

The South Korean singer songwriter has released Gentlemen as his latest single, and is already proving popular with fans of the singer. The rapper debuted his new track at a gig in Seoul on April 13, performing to over 50,000 fans. The show was also streamed live on YouTube.

The video for the new song reached over 27 million views on YouTube in it’s first 24 hours. Featuring another dance routine, the song lacks the Gangnam charm, however there’s no doubt about how catchy Gentlemen is.

The video shows Psy playing practical jokes on a string of women, before performing his latest dance routine.

Gangnam Style was the surprise hit of 2012 and was the first video on YouTube to reach a billion hits. Although Gangnam Style was the singers 18th single, the song has been his greatest success so far; with both the dance and song becoming global hits, with many imitating the now infamous Gangnam Style dance.

Gentlemen however is the singers 2nd international release, and has been available since midnight on April 11. Despite its YouTube popularity, the song however has managed to miss out on a place in this weeks UK Top 40.