/Professor Green Speaks Out

Professor Green Speaks Out

Popular music artist Professor Green has spoken out for the first time about comments made by his step mother regarded the death of his father. The artist has hit back at his step mother after she accused him of cashing in on the death of his father. The rapper’s father Peter Manderson committed suicide and was found hanging in 2008.

Jackie, the step mother of Pro Green has suggested that the artist had publically talked about the death of his father in order to promote himself and the music he produces. Pro Green has written a song about the death of his father named Good Night.

The rapper revealed in an interview that all he had done was talk about how the death of his father had impacted upon his life, not tried to cash in on the shocking experience. The artist continued by stating that he found it very insensitive of his step mother to suggest he had even attempted to do something like this.

At the time of his fathers death the artist had already had two top five singles and a number one album; he therefore suggests he has no reason to cash in on an incident that has impacted upon his life greatly.

When his father did die Pro Green stated that it was make or break time for himself, he revealed that the death would either impact upon him negatively or he could attempt to turn his life around. The music artist chose to go for the latter and attempted to turn his life around.

The rapper stated that he thought his step mother would be happy for him and proud of what he has achieved, although this is obviously not the case. In his new single Read All About It the rapper has now spoken about the comments made by his fifty three year old step mother Jackie.

Pro Green states she has no involvement in his life and states in the record that she never has. There have been numerous allegations made towards the rapper with the step mother stating he could not even collect the ashes for his own father. The rapper states he did not want to collect the ashes because he did not want to see the woman.

The new single Read All About It featuring Emeli Sande will be released on 23rd October.