/Most Popular Free Music Apps For The Blackberry

Most Popular Free Music Apps For The Blackberry

At Music.co.uk we’re dedicated to bringing you the latest sounds – and now we’re here to give you the lowdown on the latest free Blackberry apps that help you to access the music that you love no matter where you are. Here are some of the most popular free apps around for you to try out on your Blackberry handset.

Slacker Radio

With over 100 pre-programmed radio stations to choose from, each song chosen by music experts, Slacker Radio lets you listen to an eclectic mix of tunes guaranteed to broaden your musical horizons. Of course you have the option to create your own radio stations too, and there’s loads of info about the artists, as well as lyrics, album art and artists photos.


If you’ve ever heard a song somewhere that’s got you all excited, but you have no idea who the artist is, then Shazam has come to your rescue. Point your phone at the speaker that’s playing your tune and this service will let you know the artist details, song title, album details and information about where you can buy the song and watch the music video.


Love to sing along to your favourite tunes, or love a song but can’t puzzle out the words? TuneWiki allows you to view song lyrics on your Blackberry in three ways – while watching music videos, while streaming tunes via SHOUTcast, and while listening to tunes that are stored in your music library. With over 2.5million song lyrics to choose from, you’ll never be lost for words again!

Music Box

Need some new ringtones for your handset? Then Music Box can help! As well as a huge range of ringtones featuring the latest artists, you can download cool graphics to personalise your Blackberry with too.

To enjoy these music apps, you’re going to need your own Blackberry handset. These can be pricey to buy outright, but if you don’t have the funds, don’t fear as Blackberry specialists like Vodafone have a range of pay monthly contracts to choose from that will provide you with a new Blackberry absolutely free.