/New Poll Reveals Stars Who Tour The Diva Way!

New Poll Reveals Stars Who Tour The Diva Way!

I don’t know, what’s the world come too! Singers and bands get a taste of fame and fortune, and it swiftly goes to their heads! Well, if media reports are anything to go by anyway! As a sceptic, I’m not sure I truly believe reports of the true state of play in diva-land, but I do find it entertaining reading! With this in mind, I bring news of the latest customer poll conducted by Viagogo, a top European Secondary ticketing agency.

This poll was conducted to find the Top Five divas in music-land, and to lay bare their extravagant touring demands, or ‘riders’ as they’re known in the business. Although some bands such as Kings Of Leon, apparently opt for nothing more than Ultra Balm tissues, there are acts like Lady Gaga, who sent ahead of her to The Glastonbury Festival, a request for ‘non smelly, non sweaty cheese’. Then of course there’s U.S Rap Star Jay-Z and his extensive list of alcohol requirements, for his dressing room in an Arizona University; this was declined. But you have to be much more unusual/outlandish to make it into the all-time Top 5, as you’ll see from the rundown below:

1)    Mariah Carey
Hotel bathroom suites must be fitted with gold faucets. A new toilet seat must be installed prior to arrival. Mariah’s own bed linen is delivered in advance. Both Mariah and her dog only bathe in mineral water. Puppies and kittens must be on hand to keep the star entertained. An assistant must be on hand to take care of Mariah’s used chewing gum prior to shows.

2)    Jennifer Lopez
Hotel sheets must be Egyptian cotton with a thread count of at least 250. Hotel rooms must contain two humidifiers, and two oscillating fans to achieve the preferred room temperature of 26°C. White or red roses or white lilies are J-Lo’s flowers of choice.  Jennifer’s coffee must be stirred anti-clockwise. Lopez’s path must reportedly be sprayed with the scent of gardenia before public appearances. The diva has previously requested a white hotel room with white flowers, white tables and tablecloths, white drapes, white candles and white couches.

3)    Prince
In advance of his stay at the Dorchester in 2007, Prince demanded that everything in his room be black, from the walls to the furniture, curtains and carpet. A black M&M’s machine and an oxygen bar for his entourage. As a general rule, all items in Prince’s dressing room must be wrapped in clear plastic film to be unwrapped by the artist on his arrival.

4)    Britney Spears
In advance of her trip to the UK for the London leg of her Circus tour earlier this year, Britney issued a number of demands to the Dorchester hotel, where she would be staying. She requested a room that had never been smoked in, several humidifiers, that the room be lit with 100 watt lightbulbs, contain fresh flowers, and that magazines, chick-lit novels, and Marilyn Monroe movies be provided.

5)    Van Halen
The rider that started them all, making it OK for stars to be demanding: in the 53 page rider for their World Tour in 1982, Van Halen famously requested a bowl of M&M’s, with all the brown ones picked out.

What do you think of these poll results? Do you agree with and believe these tales of excess? Do you have your own ideas on who should be rated as an all-time diva? Share your thoughts below.
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