/Playboy Is Rocking This Christmas!

Playboy Is Rocking This Christmas!

Playboy T Shirt Pink3
One Of The T-Shirts In The Rock The Rabbit Collection

The Playboy Rabbit is one of the most well known and iconic labels in fashion, and has adorned many a product, and of course Playboy bunny. This year the team behind Playboy merchandise have decided to get the male of the species more involved in the Playboy experience, with the introduction of their ‘Rock The Rabbit’ project.

This years project involved the fusion of the worlds of art, music, and erm drink, as Jack Daniels, and a whole host of music stars were asked to design their own limited edition t-shirts, featuring the Rabbit Head logo. 2009’s project features ‘Rock The Rabbit’ T-Shirts from Motley Crue, The Kooks, Pharrell, MGMT, Q-Tip, and Perry Farrell. One of the t-shirt designs from The Kooks is featured here, with the full range available to view and purchase via http://www.topman.com. The T-Shirt pictured retails at £20. Stockist number 0207 427 2711

Why not surf and shop with Playboy this Christmas, and let the man in your life unleash his inner Rock Rabbit?!