/Play And Win With Sony’s Fantasy Festival

Play And Win With Sony’s Fantasy Festival

The music.co.uk team are so busy these days, it’s just nice to sit back, relax, and play the odd internet game or two. This week we came across something which could just become an addiction, namely The Sony Fantasy Festival.

The best bit is it’s free to play, and is suitable for all ages, so everyone can join in the fun. The game works with a points based league system. There is an official Fantasy Festival League, and you can also set up other leagues (for fun) to compete with your family, friends, or other music fans. The whole system is run via the last.fm website, and it’s very quick and easy to register with them, and start playing the game. Once you have set up an account, you get a ‘virtual’ budget to spend on 15 singers or bands, which will then form your ultimate festival line-up. These acts must be chosen from those featured on the last.fm website, but the choice is endless. The site can even make suggestions for you too. When you’re searching, the price of each act will come up and a BUZZ figure. This figure is important as it will show you how active the act is online in the real world. We’re not quite sure how this is measured, but you’ll get a good idea from your searches who’s active and who’s not. You can also change your acts at certain points too, or even pick new acts that might well be creating a buzz in the future.

It all sounds like great fun, and there is an added incentive too. The best performing festivals in the official league will be awarded prizes during the course of the game, with an overall winner getting what Sony describe as a ‘dream’ prize. This will be four tickets to one of Europe’s best festivals, along with VIP accommodation, flights, and spending money!

To find out more about this exciting game, check out the youtube video above, or visit http://fantasyfestival.last.fm. When you visit the site, you might also spot the Music.co.uk Fest. Yes we couldn’t resist joining in the fun, and at the time of going to press, our chosen festival line-up is:

•    Queen
•    Muse
•    Take That
•    Daniel Merriweather
•    Journey
•    Beverley Knight
•    Alexandra Burke
•    Bon Jovi
•    LeAnn Rimes
•    Snow Patrol
•    Kings Of Leon
•    James Morrison
•    Robbie Williams
•    Michael Buble
•    Pixie Lott

Stay tuned to see how we do in our quest for the ultimate fantasy festival, and why not sign up and join in yourselves? You know you want to!